Starstruck: Meeting Zac Efron

WordPress is the only social media site that was not spammed last Thursday night when I met the one, the only, Zac Efron. For my imaginary readers I’m sorry I haven’t informed you until now. Zac Efron is, and always will be, my ultimate sex god. No matter the hypothetical situation, I always end up either sleeping with him or being with him (with the exception of the one pitched last night – I could be his boyfriend or get $50 million a year). That is why I have been so ecstatic since that night.

After stalking both Ke$ha and Miley Cyrus had failed in the past, I assumed I would have to be content with the time I met Ricki-Lee. I convinced myself that there was no possibility of me meeting an A lister Hollywood celebrity in little old Adelaide, and that my only chance would be to pay for a meet and greet. Zac Efron, I’m glad broke this state of mind, as you were so nice.

I like to believe that he is actually a genuinely nice guy and that it wasn’t merely to uphold a good status and stay out of tabloid magazines, but nonetheless he charmed me. Much to the point I can barely remember what happened in his presence. I was literally starstruck. I remember him asking us not to tell anyone where he was, if we wanted a group photo and for someone to hold the camera so my friend could get in it. Arriving home I was screaming with joy but in the moment I was frozen, that I was literally next to Zac Efron.

I’ve bragged about it over Facebook too much that it was only fair I did it on here. I still can’t process what happened, but am so glad it did. I am so grateful Scott Hicks (who I saw later the next day) convinced the crew for there to be a premiere in South Australia, as this may be the only time I ever meet the man himself, Zac Efron.

Yes, it wasn’t a one on one photo. Yes, his security made him stand at the very back of the photo (God knows why). Yes, I was the only guy in a pack of twenty teenage girls. Despite that, I have a photo with Zac Efron, heard him speak, said hello and he saw me. Zac Efron looked at myself, and distinguished me as a human being. For that my life is complete.

I wonder how many times I said ‘Zac Efron’ in this post.


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Hello World. My names Matt, alternatively known as Maddo. Being the diverse person I am my blogging topics will range from factory farmed animals to Britney Spears, my love for ice-magic and equal rights. I'll talk about the irrelevant and the relevant, which may not make sense to some, but it's a maddo world after all.
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