Nicki Minaj Announces Australian Tour!

I have just read (3 days later) that the one, the only, Ms. Nicki Minaj will be gracing the Australian shores in May this year! As Itty Bitty Piggy repeats itself in the background, fear sets upon me that she will not visit Adelaide. I had the near scare when Britney didn’t announce an Adelaide tour date in 2009 until months later, and am still furious with Lady GaGa for skipping the state.

Adelaide seems to be the forgotten state among touring artists and it’s not easy for us fans living here. Announcing they’re touring the country and building up hype, we become manic in the wait for when we will finally see them. That is, until we don’t get the chance. It seems every other capital city (relevant ones that is – not here for irrelevant Canberra bitches) gets every artist while we sit and mope in a pool of tears.

What’s even worse is the comparison of Australian tours to U.S and European tours. When Britney Spears toured for Circus she had The Pussycat Dolls and Ciara opening her show, and the following tour was opened by the Nicki Minaj. Rihanna had Ke$ha as her before act. The list goes on. In Australia we merely have some soon to crash and burn Australian Idol contender as the opening act, or a good DJ if we’re lucky.

So Ms. Nicki Minaj, if you are one of the three viewers on this blog in the two months, please do not skip Adelaide.

Breaking News: Adelaide didn’t make the cut. 


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