Welcome to Wonderland

It’s no secret that surfing the net is a form of escapism. That is why I love YouTube so much – you experience the emotions of ones own journeys from the comfort of your own home. Here is a collection of my top ten videos from YouTube.

1. The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger (original narration by Randall)

This video screams hilarious.  Whether it’s Randall’s voice or the stupidity in what he is saying, I love it.

2. Asian Boy Dances to Burlesque Christina Aguilera

Maybe I have a thing for videos that scream homosexuality? Either way, it’s hard to deny this boy has some fierce moves and he worked well for his budget with the special effects.

3. Radar (before ‘smokey’ blackout) Britney Spears

Go to 2:40 for this clip. Britney Spears spots members of the crowd smoking it during her performance. Due to her lip-synching, she can’t simply stop the performance, so gives up dancing and walks around all shitty. You can even hear an audience member ask “what is she doing?”.

4. 55 Ducks Crossing The Road

There’s power in numbers! Well, that’s the strategy these 55 ducks took to crossing a busy road.

5. Sound Of Music | Central Station Antwerp (Belgium)

One of the few flashmob’s I really enjoy. I think this is due to the mix of Julie Andrew’s harmonic voice and how well it was executed.

6. Shoes

This is what made me fall in love with the hilarity of YouTube. One word. Shoes, betch.

7. Sloth Crossing the Street – I Believe I Can Fly Version

Anything is possible, if you just believe.

8. Can You Solve This?

I think I appreciate this video so much more because of my personal relation to these questions. She sums up their relevance quit nicely.

9. X Factor 4, ep 2, Rachel

Scrap what I said before; this is fierce. I have no way to honestly describe this girl, who claims she is “better than Madonna”. Even if she doesn’t get signed to a label, she has “made her own cassette”.

10. Jesus Will Survive – Jesus Christ! The Musical

Now this is a man of God I will go to church for. Preach it sister!


About itsamaddoworld

Hello World. My names Matt, alternatively known as Maddo. Being the diverse person I am my blogging topics will range from factory farmed animals to Britney Spears, my love for ice-magic and equal rights. I'll talk about the irrelevant and the relevant, which may not make sense to some, but it's a maddo world after all.
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