Hey, Can I Borrow Your Clothes For This Dress-Up Party?

One of the most dreaded questions in the history of the modern world. Someone asking to borrow something of yours, something you wear as fashion, to a themed party. Although this isn’t the exact position I found myself in over the last couple of days, it is a tad self-embarrassing to say the least. With a 90’s themed party coming up this Saturday, my friends were tossing around funny things to wear. Acid wash jeans, denim jackets and converses were some of the items suggested.

I own all of those clothes. I wear them on a regular basis. Not that I go to the lengths of denim on denim, but my wardrobe and I were still slightly offended and embarrassed that my clothes were under scrutiny, being deemed as outdated and ‘dress-up material’. Imagine the disaster that would have occurred if I were unaware of this, in my opinion, premature theme. Being complimented for my hilarious outfit when I thought it was just your average Saturday night party.


Another fear of mine with themed parties is getting carried away and going to extremes. If somebody tells me to put on a costume, it simply doesn’t cut it. Getting into character and really owning that role all night is more my style, but this leads to me face painted in a lion suit roaring in the corner while others stick to a simple feather in their hair. Those selfish people that don’t get into the theme, in this case ‘African Savannah’ obviously, should be removed from the event entirely.

Nevertheless, I will rise to the occasion Saturday, once again. I’ll rock my “costume” that I threw together last minute. Though it must be noted that me singing “…Baby One More Time” and wearing these clothes isn’t simply a 90’s persona, more so me everyday.


About itsamaddoworld

Hello World. My names Matt, alternatively known as Maddo. Being the diverse person I am my blogging topics will range from factory farmed animals to Britney Spears, my love for ice-magic and equal rights. I'll talk about the irrelevant and the relevant, which may not make sense to some, but it's a maddo world after all.
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